Monday, 15 July 2013


AUTHOR: Michael Grant
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins

Gone, by Michael Grant, is perfect for the teenager age group. It's one of this best books I have ever read! It's a fantastic mix of a few genres: action, sci-fi and romance.

When anyone over the age of fifteen suddenly disappears in Perdido beach, it's up to the teens to fend
for themselves. When Sam, Astrid and Quinn have been picked to take charge, problems come up. They soon discover the FAYZ and how some of their friends are "poofing" out of town on their 15th birthday. Many children are developing strange powers...

When the evil Coates kids and coyotes come into the scene, the ultimate battle is coming up... Caine, thinks he is in charge of the town, and when Sam stands up to him, all hell brakes loose. The teens divide into two sides, ready for the ultimate fight. I don't want to give too much away; but this book is full of twists and turns and I was honestly hooked! It's not a book I would normally read, but I love it! I am avidly reading the second book, and ready to carry on reading all six! I rate it four out of five hoots!


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