Tuesday, 3 September 2013


TITLE: Severed Heads, Broken Hearts
AUTHOR: Robyn Schneider
PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster 

I did just pick this book up, and thought I would have a go. Not expecting much, I read the first chapter and I was glued to the pages! One of the reasons I picked up the book, was the review on the front, saying this book would appeal to John Green readers. They were totally right. This is the sort of book I love to get my teeth into. 

The main character in this book, is called Ezra, who is a 17 year old, (high school), tennis champion. He is one of the popular kids, with the perfect life. But one night; and one devastating car accident changes everything... This accident causes him to injure his wrist, and completely shatter his knee, requiring a cane to walk around. Consequently his sporting dreams are shattered, and he ends up finding new friends. He also rekindles his friendship with Toby, who is mentioned at the beginning of the book. His life has changed; big time. But when Cassidy Thorpe comes into his life: things change again...

I can't give anything else away, as this is such a brilliant book! I love how Robyn Schneider carefully weaves the plot, how it all ties in together. I also love her eccentric writing, I love how she writes to pull the reader in. She defiantly pulled me in!  I especially like mysterious characters, (who have something to hide), like Cassidy. I also like Ezra's characteristics; and the change in them before and after the accident. There are quite a few cliff hangers in this book, and a few gasping moments too! I read this on holiday, in three sittings, and adored it! I cannot describe to you how lovely it was: sitting on the beach, listening to the waves and reading this book! I rate it 5/5 hoots!


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