Sunday, 22 December 2013


TITLEBoys don't cry 
AUTHOR: Malorie Blackman

Malorie Blackman tackles lots of difficult themes in this book, such as: teenage pregnancy, single teen parenting, being gay and violence. The book starts with the main character, (Dante), in his house- waiting for his A-level results- to come through the post. Suddenly; he hears a knock on the door. Upon opening it- he finds his ex girlfriend Melanie on his doorstep, and she's holding a baby...

She asks him to look after the baby for ten minutes so she can go to the shop, but she never comes back. She rings Dante, revealing to him that the baby, (Emma), is in fact his daughter. She also tells him she is going up North to live with friends. She won't be coming back anytime soon. Dante's father is disappointed in him, but soon adjusts to what Dante has got himself into, then he finds out Dante got 4 A stars and he can go to University. But can he?  Dante's brother, Adam, is quite pleased he has a niece. 

How will they all cope with a new member of the family? Will Dante still go to University? What happens when Adam gets himself in a whole lot of trouble with a gang of teens?

Malorie Blackman wrote this book so well, giving life lessons to teenagers as they read this book. One of the main morals in this story is how one split second decision could effect your whole life forever... 

I rate it 4/5 hoots- Malorie Blackman needs to write a sequal!


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