Saturday, 31 May 2014


TITLE: Fangirl
AUTHOR: Rainbow Rowell
PUBLISHER: Macmillan

Wren and Cath are twin sisters, and have been in love with the Simon Snow book series, since they were small children. They live with their father, Art, their mother, (Laura), walked out on them when they were little. Now, Cath and Wren are about to go off to College. They both have written successful Simon Snow fan fictions together, and the hits and comments on them are rising by the day. But Wren has told Cath she didn't want to share a room in College, even though Cath and Wren have been sharing a room for their whole lives. Wren wants to meet new people, and grow up a bit; but will Cath want to let go?

Cath wants to stay in her dorm and write more of her fan fiction, called "Carry On." She meets Reagan, who at first has a mean exterior, but eventually she helps Cath out of her shell at first. Cath though the boy, called Levi, who was always with Reagan, was Reagan's boyfriend. Also, Cath meets Nick, who is in her fiction
writing class, and they end up writing their assignments together. 

But, what happens when Wren and Cath are slowly but surely drifting apart? Cath has to pick up the pieces and fix her family back together, with bombshells dropping along the way. What does she do when she realises what she really wants to do? Also, Cath builds a relationship with a unlikely character, will it blossom?

The reason I gave this book 4/5 hoots is because it takes a few chapters to get into. The book swaps between Simon Snow and Cath's fanfiction extracts, to the real story. I found some of the Simon Snow parts quite long. But, overall, this book was a really good read!


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