Monday, 25 August 2014


TITLE:  Memoirs of an imaginary friend
AUTHOR: Matthew Green

Max is eight years old, and has an imaginary friend called Budo. Budo has been alive for five years, and looks like a human, which is rare to other imaginary friends. Imaginary friends fade away once the child stops believing in them; and Budo is fearful for when Max stops believing in him. Max is quite different to others in his class at school, and could possibly have something like aspergers syndrome. Budo has been around longer than other imaginary friends because Max struggles to cope in some social situations.- which Budo helps him with. Max's parents don't really understand him, and his father wishes Max wasn't so different, whereas his imaginary friend is the only person who understands him.

When Mrs Patterson, (a teacher that helps Bruno at school), starts meeting him in her car during the school day, Budo starts to become concerned. How can he help him? Then, when Mrs. Patterson decides to do something bad involving Max, Budo has to make a decision. Will he have to risk himself for Max? He has to get some more imaginary friends to help him, and Budo needs to face up to his enemy to save Max.

This book is a great read for young adults and adults alike. Budo narrates the story, and it is full of feeling and the frustration of what an imaginary friend would go through. The author has picked a fantastic and a unique perspective to tell a story. Some parts of the writing was quite simplistic, that's why I rated it 4/5 hoots,  but it's a fabulous book you can't put down once you have started it.


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