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Cathy Cassidy writes young adult fiction, and has written over 20 books. She recently has published, Sweet Honey, another book in her latest series, The Chocolate Box Girls. Cathy used to be the Agony Aunt for "Shout" magazine. She was born in Bath and lives in Scotland.

Q. What inspired you to write the Chocolate Box Girls Series?
A. I'd been wanting to write a series for a while, and also had the idea for a story about a girl whose parents ran a chocolate business. I combined the two! I liked the idea of writing about five sisters, too, as that way each girl could have her own story to tell...

Q. Who is your favourite girl from the Chocolate Box Girls series?
A. Honey... She's so angry, so volatile, but very lost underneath it all. When writing about her, it's fascinating to get under her skin and see what really makes her tick...

Q. What were your favourite subjects at school?
A. Daydreaming... that's a subject, right? No? English, History and Art then.

Q. Who are your idols?
A. I admire people who stand up for what they believe in; they are not always famous! I admire the team at Greenpeace, for example, working hard to stop those who wish to pollute the earth and the oceans and harm animals. I have massive respect for those who work with the sick and vulnerable, too. These people are not always valued by our society, but they are good people, selfless people- the ones we should be looking up to.

Q. Out of all your books you have written, which is your favourite one?
A. It is always the latest one, as I get a real kick from seeing a daydream turn into a real, live book.

Q. Any advice for budding, young writers?
A. Write about what you care about, and believe in what you are doing.

Check out Cathy Cassidy's Dreamcatcher magazine- I have been in it twice!

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