Sunday, 7 September 2014


TITLE:  The Manifesto on How to be Interesting 
AUTHOR: Holly Bourne
PUBLISHER:  Usbourne Publishing Ltd

Bree isn't popular at school. She dresses differently to others, she doesn't have many friends and she was often the teachers pet. She has written two books: only to be rejected by most publishers. Bree spent a lot of time with her only friend Holdo, and had quite a lonely lifestyle.  She receives some criticism from her English teacher about her writing. Then "The Manifesto on How to be interesting," is born. The Manifesto on How to be Interesting is a blog that Bree sets up: where she writes about her transformation from a lonely teenager to one of the most popular seventeen year old's in her school. Bree goes shopping with her Mum for a whole new wardrobe- and then gets a drastic new haircut. People hardly recognize her at school...

Bree's father is a big influence in the make up industry: therefore supplying Bree with steady amounts of the latest make up- giving Bree the perfect opportunity to get herself into the most popular group in schoolShe has never really had good relationships with her parents; they never really noticed her. She ends up getting close to all of the popular girls; while writing all of her advice and information down her blog. What will Bree do when she makes a few enemies, and ends up falling in love with somebody forbidden...

Get lost in this book, and follow Bree around while she discovers what leading a double life is really like, and being popular isn't as perfect as it seems.Who will find out her biggest secret?  What happens when it all gets out of control?

Holly Bourne is a fantastic author with writing that really flows, and you can't put the book down. The Manifesto on How to be Interesting is a great read for any secondary school/high school student. It really shows how perfect peoples lives aren't that perfect. I rate it 5/5 hoots- I couldn't find anything to fault. It was gritty and honest, which is always good in a book!

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