Sunday, 5 October 2014


"I am The Dancing Writer, because I am both a dancer and a writer, and these two activities are an inseparable part of me. I've been doing ballet for almost two years and been writing seriously since I was thirteen. I will write about publishing, writing and anything that I come across that will be helpful to people. I will do my best to write about mental illness aswell, because I'm a mental illness advocate, having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2012."


Q. Where did you get the inspiration for "When Stars Die" from?
A. "The inspiration from Where Stars Die came from it's sequel The Stars are infinite as I started that book first before WSD. While I was writing TSAI and getting feedback on it for years, I got to a point where I realised there needed to be a first book. The Stars are Infinite had too many glossary terms for readers to digest."

Q. Have you always wanted to be an author?
A.  "I've always wanted to be an author since I began second grade, every day we had to write in our journals for about 30 minutes. At first I started writing about daily things that went on in my life, then I started to write fan fiction of Spiro and the magic tree house. I wrote out the stories using three journals, this was when I discovered my passion for writing and wanted to be an author."

Q. Did you read a lot of books as a child?
A. "I originally did not read a lot of books as a child, I stuck primarily to the Magic Tree House series and even Pokemon books. But then I got into Harry Potter in the fourth grade, and in fifth grade my teacher pushed me beyond the reading limitations for my grade. I wanted to read bigger books."

Q. If you could bring one character from your favourite book, who would it be?
A. "Kartik from the A Great and Terribly Beauty Trilogy."

Q. Who has influenced you the most?
A, "John Green has influenced me the most, I find his work rich, fantastic, and just all round wonderful. He has been a huge influence to my contemporary related writings."

Q. If you joined the circus what act would you most like to perform?
A. "I would love to do the tightrope, I am a ballet dancer and I think tightrope walking would be good for me because ballet takes tones of balance, tightrope walking would really help with that!"

Q. Which season do you most anticipate?
A. "Spring, but where I live they are very awkward."

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