Tuesday, 2 December 2014


TITLE:  The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
AUTHOR: Sue Townsend
PUBLISHER:   Puffin 
RATING:  3/5

This novel is a nice, gentle read- that males and females alike would enjoy reading. Sue Townsend delves deep into a young teenage boy's mindset- describing his worries about his future, girlfriends, parents and acne. The novel starts off with Adrian being 13 and a 3/4 years old, when he experiences the full blow of his parents marital troubles. He also starts to fall in love, and tries to pursue a career as an intellectual.

Adrian Mole meets a few people on the start of his journey into adult hood. Firstly he meets Pandora, (the girl he falls in love with), who both form a committee to make more school rebels. They are both inspired to make this committee when Adrian decides to wear red socks to school instead of black. When Adrian's mother runs off with a man named Mr. Lucas, Adrian's father starts a relationship with a woman called Doreen Slater, and Adrian only finds peace at her home. Also, Adrian makes a unlikely friendship with an old man named Bert Baxter...

I liked the way the novel is set out, the diary entry form is very appealing to the eye, which makes it a book you can pick up and won't want to put down again. Sue Townsend makes Adrian seem very witty, and a relatable character. This book isn't very challenging and complex, which is why I rate it 3/5 hoots, but it's a good pick up book you will get enjoyment out of.

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