Monday, 2 February 2015


TITLE:  Hacked
AUTHOR:  Tracy Alexander
PUBLISHER:   Piccadilly Press Ltd
RATING:  4/5
SOURCE: Given by author, in exchange for an honest review.



Dan had been diagnosed as ADHD as a child. He quite liked the ritalin, but then he got into computers, and for his parents a geek was better than something feral. It was hard to remember when the genuine hacking started; free phone credit was the first illicit, tangible real-life result of a hack, though not the last. By the time Dan is contacted online by Angel, he is eager for the challenge laid before him creating tricky bits of code. But Dan begins to suspect that something more nefarious may be planned for his code than he thought. He will have to decide what truly matters more protecting his anonymity and freedom or preventing a deadly terror attack...

Dan is a young sixteen year old- that just, 'gets,' code. He can
easily hack codes for his advantage, as he often can give his
friends more phone credit; if they run out of it. He doesn't realise the extent of what he can actually do. I really liked Dan's personality, as he often makes witty and humorous remarks throughout the book. He has brilliant friendships with Tyler, and Joe, and uses his hacking skills to help them. Dan's parents have no idea what he is doing upstairs in his bedroom: on his computer, they just think he is a game obsessed teenager...

When he starts talking to other people online- he is set the ultimate coding challenge, by 'Angel.' Will Dan accept the challenge? Could it end in disastrous consequences?

Tracy Alexander has weaved a fabulous plot: as a book about hacking and code is a very different. The book had an element of mystery in it- keeping me on my toes as I wasn't sure where the story line was going to go. "Hacker," definitely appealed to me; as I find coding quite interesting, however, I think that it may not appeal to some other teenage girls. But, saying this- I think that a lot of teenage boys would enjoy reading the novel. It is a nice easy, flowing read: that could get any teenage boy to
become a book worm. Overall- I rate this book 4/5 hoots, it is very clever, and real: people don't realise what they can do with a few simple lines of code...


  1. Thank you for reviewing my book, Georgia. Glad you liked Dan. I did too. The next book is about Angel . . .


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