Saturday, 14 February 2015


When the lovely author, Siobhan Curham, posted this powerful poem onto Social Media, True Face was born.

"Don’t show me your tweet-face, 

Or ur txt spk,

Show me your true face,

And let your heart speak."

True Face is a book, and it is also a revolution: the aim is to help young girls overcome the pressures that the mass media portray, and to dream boldly, love passionately and live authentically. Young teenage girls often feel they have to starve themselves, because they see the idea of a, 'perfect,' woman in magazines, in newspapers and on television. The reality is that the majority of these photos of perfect women, are photoshopped to hide any imperfections- this is just one example of how media can effect young people. 

I am very passionate about these topics, and I truly believe that True Face can become known worldwide. If you are like me, why don't you join the team of True Face Ambassadors. Find out more here.

Click HERE to read my guest post for the website, on 'labelling,' young people.

Click HERE to take a look at the True Face Blog.

If you feel passionate about the above, click HERE to find out how to write a guest
 post for the blog.

Find out more about Siobhan Curham HERE.


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