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TITLE:  True Face: Be Real. Be Fearless. Be You!
AUTHOR:  Siobhan Curham
PUBLISHER:   Faber & Faber
RATING:  5/5
RELEASE DATE: 2nd April 2015
SOURCE: Given by author, in exchange for an honest review.



"We are living in the age of the image - the perfect image. From the constant bombardment of air-brushed photos, to the dubious lifestyle choices promoted by celebrities and the obsession with social media, young women are under pressure as never before to project a persona of perfection. And this is having a catastrophic effect, with girls as young as seven developing eating disorders and female self-loathing reaching epidemic proportions. True Face shows you how to resist the pressure from the 'perfection police' and take off the masks you wear to proudly reveal your true self to the world. In chapters dealing with body image, bullying, social media, love, sex and more, Siobhan Curham encourages young women and girls to be honest, dream big, and create lives that are happy and fulfilling. Keep Calm and Carry On is replaced by a new mantra: Forget the Fake and Keep itReal. This book is a breath of fresh air. "

After becoming very inspired by the True Face website, I was very happy to receive a copy of the book from Siobhan Curham; I just couldn't wait to read it. Right from the first page, Siobhan really sets a trusting, wise tone to her readers. Throughout the whole book, she adopts such a positive, heartwarming attitude, that would make any person want a absorb all of her advice! 'True Face,' carefully nudges the reader to start their process of metamorphosis: from a shy, unconfident cocoon- to a beautiful, gliding butterfly.

Firstly, the book takes you through the steps of identifying and establishing yourself, and it also helps you ease off your mask; revealing your True Face. I especially enjoyed this part; as it really stripped me down to my real core, allowing me to step away from my mask. There are also chapters on- silencing your inner voice of doom, discovering your fabulous inner qualities, and not conforming to a media generated body image.

Siobhan Curham really has thought of a cohesive, brilliant concept: coming in at all angles. What I loved about, 'True Face,' is it is a unique guide, with completely different exercises and points of advice. It really helped me; and I honestly felt like a more confident, more honest version of myself once I had finished the book. Overall I rate, 'True Face,' 5/5 hoots; a book that could so easily make the world a more understanding, compassionate place.

Click here to see my article about 'labelling,' on the True Face website.


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