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The Great British Summer Book Tag was created by Gill at The Happy Reader, where a set of questions are given for bloggers to answer, to commemorate the, (so called) Great British Summer. Thanks to Maisie at Maisie's Marvellous Reviews and Emma at Emma's Bookery for nominating me! 

1. You've been offered a weeks holiday, staying in a 5 star hotel and being pampered to within and inch of your life on a hot tropical island, all expenses paid! (assuming this is your thing,) However, in return you have to give up one of your precious books! And give it up forever, no second copy! What book could you just NOT give up for this great opportunity? 

I really couldn't give up, 'Only Ever Yours,' by Louise O'Neill. It is one of those books that will always be on my top reads list, as it is so compelling, and yet so true to what are society could turn out like.

2. It’s one of those rare genuine summer days we have here and you’re sitting comfortably on a sun lounger in the garden, its almost 30 degrees in the shade! You have your feet in a bowl of iced water and a deliciously cool drink in your hand. What book would you want to be reading right at this moment? 

It would definitely be 'Did I Mention I Love You,' by Estelle Maskame. Set in Santa Monica, while it is the peak of Summer, you could easily settle down in the garden- and read about a forbidden love story.

3. Its the UK, so the summer isn't always sunny, bright and warm. What book that you weren't especially fond of would make a great umbrella to protect you from those sudden downpours/thunder/lightning/floods we often have?

I just could not get into, 'All Our Yesterdays,' by Cristin Terrill. I love a book that keeps me interested and engaged, and this was just not one of them. I know a lot of people liked this book, but it just wasn't to my taste.

4. It’s a warm, sultry night and you’re by yourself on the beach with friends who are all paired off in couples sitting round a camp fire chatting and eating overcooked sausages. What book character do you wish you could snuggle up to?

It would just have to be Ron Weasley- he is a wizard, so he can teach me some fabulous spells and he is just very handsome. Sorry Hermione!

5. One of those rare heatwave hot days of summer has caused the roads to melt, the internet to crash and hoards of mutant, zombie porcupines have taken over your town, as they do! What author would give you the best advice to get out of this sticky situation before you are caught and turned into one yourself? 

J. K Rowling would give me the best advice: I am sure she could invent some ways to get me out of a sticky situation, due to her imagining a whole world of wizardry and magic!

I am tagging:

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