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I always feel that I get a lot more reading done in the summer time. There is a period where I have no school work or exams to do, so I have the perfect excuse to find a sunny spot in my garden to sit and read. I have picked out my top five, (in a random order), YA summer reads: so you can jump into one, or all, of these books; on a lazy summer day. Click on the titles to be taken to my review, where you can find out even more about the book: and what I thought about it.

True Face- Siobhan Curham 

'True Face,' is a fabulous guide for young people to really dig down and find their true selves. The short and informative sections in the book make it so easy for you to pop it in your bag: and having a read when you feel you need a pick me up. I really do think that every young person in the world should read the book, as it makes you see your life in a completely different light.

'It really helped me; and I honestly felt like a more confident, more honest version of myself once I had finished the book.'

Did I Mention I Love You?- Estelle Maskame

A perfect summer read, 'Did I Mention I love You,' follows Eden- who has gone to live with her father and her stepmother in Santa Monica for the summer. Her three step brothers are also there: and Eden tries to figure out who Tyler, (the troubled stepbrother), really is. But will the summer take an unexpected turn? Estelle is only a young adult herself: and her distinct, impressive writing style in very apparent in the book.

'I know people can easy overuse, 'I couldn't put it down,' when describing a book, but in this instance I really couldn't bring myself to put it down. It was so easy for me to tell myself to just read a few more pages, and before I would know it I had read three chapters.'

 All The Bright Places- Jennifer Niven 

Finch and violet meet in a completely unexpected way, and end up having to work on a project together to discover the 'wonders,' of Indiana. Violet didn't realise how much Finch would help her come out of her shell, as a solid friendship forms. But what is really going on in their heads? 'All The Bright Places,' was easily one of my top 2015 reads, due to the complex character personalities and the heart shattering nature of the novel.

'I cannot express my endearment for this book: every page was a work of astounding art. I was enraptured from the beginning to the end; simply amazed by the magical way that Jennifer Niven writes.'

Only Ever Yours- Louise O'Neill 

I am sure 'Only Every Yours,' will always keep cropping up in any post that is related to my favourite books. Louise O'Neill writes with such flair, having me hanging on to her every last word. It had an ever lasting impact on me: as it a horrifying portrayal of what could happen to out society in the near distant future. Frieda and Isabel are 'eves-' they have been designed to appeal to a man, and become married off: once they reach seventeen. The pressure starts to mount up as the eves have to have clear completions, with perfect faces- and be in the right shape. Suddenly, the pressure can become all too much very quickly.   

'O'Neill can grab and hypnotise her readers- making them fall into a trance, until they finish the last word. I couldn't even guess or expect what would happen, as the writing and the plot together take you on a roller coaster ride; with twists and turns that make your stomach shudder.'

We Are All Made of  Molecules- Susin Nielson

'We Are All Made of Molecules,' is the epitome of YA: it covers a variety of subjects and issues that every reader can relate to. Ashley and Stuart end up living in the same house, as Ashley's mother and Stuart's father are in a relationship. They are both polar opposites: that are destined not to get along. But when certain troubles arise, they may need each other more than they ever thought. Susin Nielson just gets it- she gets the problems that young people may have: as she captures it perfectly in this book.

'I can't describe it in any other way- Nielsen is just a perfect writer for teenage readers. She writes in a relaxed, but in such a real, gritty way; you would believe she was a teenager herself, if you didn't know otherwise.'

What are your Top 5 Reads? Have you read any of the above books?



  1. I've read all the bright places and only ever yours and both were great. I'm expecting and arc of Louise O' Neill's new book "asking for it" during the week and I cant wait to read it.

    1. I am desperate to read 'Asking For It!' I will definitely be reading the review on your blog. :)

  2. Great suggestions. I’m going to be reading All The Bright Places sometime in the next few months.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I highly recommend it- I would have tissues at the ready! :)


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