Wednesday, 16 September 2015


AUTHOR:  Katie Everson
PUBLISHER:  Walker Books
RATING:  5/5
SOURCE: Sent by publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
RELEASE DATE: 6th August 2015



I wasn’t always like this. I know what you’re thinking: druggie, junkie, wreckhead, trashbag. But I’m not sticking needles in my arm or sleeping on the streets, or stealing to feed the habit. I’m not one of those.

Carla has just moved to London and starts at yet another new school; she is desperate to fit in. Though she makes a couple of friends, she soon meets the charismatic, good-looking Finn and their whirlwind romance begins. Carla, an A student and gifted artist, lets her schoolwork slip as she enters Finn's world – a world of partying and drugs. Friends tells her that Finn is no good – even his brother, Isaac. But Isaac has an ulterior motive, doesn't he? Is either brother right for Carla?
'Drop,' covers issues that lots of people would quickly want to shy from. It exposes them in a captivating manner, making me fly through the chapters quite easily. Carla is often moving schools, due to her mothers job- she has moved to a school in London to do her A-Levels. 

She quickly fits in with two girls called Lauren and Sienna- who are very safe and normal. However: she soon meets Finn: good looking, easy going: a cool guy. Suddenly Carla finds herself falling into the world of drugs, alcohol and clubs; but does she really fit into it all?

I have never really read a book that mainly covers drugs: I am glad this book was my first one. Everson grabs the desperate feelings of a teenager trying to settle in and make new friends, even through these 'friends' may not be the best type. It was quite refreshing to witness Carla's experiences with drugs: as often authors always give the main characters a chance to have a near miss- so readers never really know what it really is like. 'Drop' doesn't leave out any of the details: making me intrigued and hanging on the every last word.

Carla is quite a sensible, likeable character, so I did feel like screaming at her if she did start to make the wrong decisions in the novel. But even so, I still couldn't totally predict the points where the plot would take an unexpected turn: so there was an element of mystery following me as I read- I love that in a book

A fantastic, fast paced novel that had me desperate for more- 'Drop' is an easy 5/5. Every older teenager should read this: as the writing style could get anyone easily wrapped up and immersed in the book. 


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