Sunday, 11 October 2015


I was lucky enough to be invited to Walker Books on Saturday the 10th of October, for my first ever blogger event. Walker arranged a 'Regency Tea,' for us book bloggers, to link with Alison Goodman's book- 'The Dark Days Club,' (2016.) They provided us with lots of refreshments, and enlightened us with a great presentation of their upcoming 2016 releases.

Firstly, Alison Goodman spoke to us about her book- 'The Dark Days Club,' which is going to be released in January 2016. She told us about her 'immersive research,' and how her love of Regency stemmed from reading Georgette Hayler when she was twelve. Goodman read a short extract from her book- which was brilliant- making me desperate to read it now!

I spoke to Nat Luurtsema before the presentations started; she had me in stitches within a few minutes- her personality is lovely. Before Nat spoke, there was a section where Walker spoke about how they pitched for her book, 'Goldfish,' (June 2016.) I found that so interesting; as a lot of people don't realise that publishers do very impressive pitches for some author's books.

Luurtsema is a BAFTA- nominated screenwriter, as she has written a lot of short films; and is staring in 'Florence Foster Jenkins' soon. She talked about her inspiration for her book, and read us a fantastic extract- which again made me ecstatic to read it.

Richard Kurti was up next- talking about screenwriting, and his new book, 'Maladapted.' The extract sounded, (once again), fabulous and intriguing- and I really liked his talk, making everyone feel very reflective. I managed to get a copy of 'Monkey Wars,' which I also cannot wait to start. Kurti's Maladapted will be published in April 2016.

There were also people from Walker talking about some other new releases:

  • Hour Of The Bees, (Lindsay Egar, March 2016)
  • Martians, (Blythe Woolston, January 2016)
  • Twenty Questions For Gloria, (Martyn Bedford, Febuary 2016)
  • Shadow Box, (Peter Cocks, March 2016)
  • Hell High Water, (Tanya Landman, May 2016)

The Regency Tea was such a good experience for me; it was lovely morning filled with book related chat. I loved meeting Joshua and Zareena- and seeing how many book bloggers there actually are, and how there are even more in our big community. As you can see, there are more books that I have added to my ever growing TBR list. Thanks again to Walker Books for having me!

Regency Tea Haul

Already Released:

  • Gypsy Girl, Kathryn James
  • Monkey Wars, Richard Kurti
  • Body Blow, Peter Cocks
  • Long Reach, Peter Cocks


  • The Dark Days Club, Alison Goodman, (January 2016)
  • Hour of the Bees, Lindsay Edgar, (March 2016)
  • Twenty Questions For Gloria, Martyn Bedford, (Febuary 2016)
  • Maladapted, Richard Kurti (April 2016)



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