Sunday, 8 November 2015


Stress plays a part in everyone's lives: it's natural for some people to deal with it better than others. It can come up at any time- this could be down to exams, disputes, or certain events that can easily make your stress levels sky high. If I have a busy week, or I have a lot of exams on- I often find I start to become stressed and anxious. Over the times I have been stressed, I have managed to collate a little pack for myself, that is so useful if you feel like you need some time out.

Adult Colouring

If my day has been particularly stressful, it definitely helps me to wind down by colouring in. I brought myself some good quality colouring pencils and fine liners, to make it feel really relaxing and stress free. It has been proven that adult colouring helps reduce stress- as the motion of keeping focussed on one specific spot makes you forget about everything. I have the Secret Garden book, which is even better because the patterns are very intricate flowers or animals!

Bath Bombs

When I know I have an important exam coming up, I like to treat myself to a bath bomb for a reward- after the said exam. Today I bought 'shooting stars.' from Lush, to have a relaxing bath later on in the week after I have had my Biology Exam- there is nothing that compares to sinking into a bubbling, colourful and fragrant bath when you have been feeling tense and worked up. It is so important to invest in whatever it takes to look after yourself.

Rescue Remedy Pastilles 

Rescue Remedy Pastilles have been little gems to me in the past few months. I store them in my school bag, as they are very handy to have when I feel like everything is getting on top of me. They are pastilles you can suck, made out of natural ingredients that help tp aid your stress levels. Even just feeling the pastille melt on your tongue can make your stress levels become bearable.


Whatever reading material takes your fancy, it will still be such a lovely feeling to escape into another world. It is the perfect way to end a day, let alone if you are stressed or not! I always keep a book in my bag at all times; meaning I have another portal to jump in whenever I need to. I'm currently reading All of The Above, by James Dawson: which I am loving. It's helpful to have a book that you can really be immersed in, as it helps to combat stress even more!

What are your top picks to help you wind down?

Disclaimer- In no way has the post been endorsed or sponsored. I simply just love all of the products mentioned.


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