Wednesday, 4 November 2015


TITLE: Did I Mention I Need You?
AUTHOR:  Estelle Maskame
PUBLISHER:  Black and White Publishing
RATING:  5/5
SOURCE: Sent by publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
RELEASE DATE:  19th October 2015



Stepsiblings Tyler Bruce and Eden Munro have spent two years ignoring their love for each other for the sake of their family, but when he invites her to spend the summer with him in New York, how long can they keep pretending? Alone together, away from their parents and friends, and caught up in the excitement of life in the Big Apple, they can't deny their feelings any more. As their summer fling turns into something much more serious, Tyler and Eden must face up to reality and make some life-changing decisions. But how will their family react when they confess their secret romance - and is their relationship strong enough to survive the devastating fallout?

'Did I Mention I Need You' is just simply stunning- it took hold of me and I just could not stop reading it. I absolutely adored it.

 Eden hasn't seen Tyler, (her stepbrother), for a nearly a year. Speaking to him on the phone, he invites her on a six week trip to see him in New York. Eden can't wait to embark from Santa Monica: despite her boyfriend Dean's concerns about her going. She starts her trip with a bang, exploring all over New York- with Tyler by her side.

After spending a lot of time apart, and now a lot more time together: can they hide what they are really thinking and feeling?

Estelle Maskame writes very impressively: both of the novels that she has written have really stand out on my shelves- they are indented in my memory. The way Maskame describes New York is captivating; I never have visited it in my life- but the novel gave me such a great insight into what it would be like. In my mind- I was strolling right next to Tyler and Eden.

 The characters were even more developed than the first book, as I was reading I could delve into any one of their personalities I wanted, getting to know them on a personal level. The plot was just flawless; as everything just flowed perfectly and cohesively- it had me hooked.

'Did I Mention I Need You,' is definitely a 5/5- a must read. It is so addictive, and had many elements that would appeal to any young adult. I thank Estelle Maskame for writing such a perfect set of books: I cannot wait to read the third instalment.




  1. Interesting! Thanks for putting this on my radar! :)

  2. Ooo juicy! I've always been interested in NYC but any book I've read about it just briefly mentioned it and not in ways that were appealing! I'd definitely read this book for the juiciness as well as for the insight into NYC.

    1. You definitely should read it! The descriptions of NYC are amazing. :)


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