Sunday, 20 December 2015


Appreciate everyday

You don't know what could be around the corner, so instead of dreading Sunday nights and Monday mornings- embrace them. Get up in the morning, and take a new route of positivity: remembering that life goes by very quickly. After all, a day you are dreading could turn out to be the best day of your life.

Notice the small things

Linking to my last point, life can be very different if you notice all of the small things around you, which would normally be the things you would take for granted. Notice the raindrops on leaves, listen out for the kettle whistling, or notice your senses tingling when you drink your first cup of tea in the morning. Once you notice the small things, it can often pop you out of the stressful bubble you have been living in.

Distance yourself from the bad, become closer to the good

If there is someone who is constantly bothering you in your daily life, distance yourself from them: especially if they are no friend or relation to you. Instead of inflicting stress upon yourself while getting into confrontation with them, just don't bother. They are not worth your time.

 It may take years, (exactly as it has done with me), to surround yourself with the right people. If you have a group of friends who you have unbreakable bonds with, you have less blips or arguments with them, resulting in a perfect formula for happiness.

Switch off

A lot of people become unhappy with themselves when they start to compare themselves with others- Social Media can definitely be the culprit for that. If you can see yourself slowly slipping into that mindset, switch off. Sometimes logging off for just a few days could help you to keep your self confidence- as people often start to get in a negative mindset when they are feeling emotional or upset. It might just help you to take a break, especially if you aren't feeling yourself.

Take time out

In your busy and hectic life, make sure to take time for yourself. Whether you make your favourite food, re-read a favourite book, go on a bike ride or watch your favourite film- it is whatever suits your fancy. You will instantly become happier if you can learn to keep yourself in the centre of the world.

What are your steps to happiness?


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  1. These are such great tips! If I had to add one more thing, I'd probably add to always just try things out - I've found some unexpected sources of happiness that way - such as blogging! :)


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