Saturday, 2 January 2016


Am I Normal Yet?

'Am I Normal Yet,' is just brilliant, as it really breaks down the barriers concerning mental illness: the main protagonist, Evie, suffers from OCD- and is trying really hard to break out of this illness, and just become normal again. But on this journey comes a lot of highs and lows, which could be too much for Evie to handle. The way Holly Bourne writes is fabulous, the structure of the novel really takes you on Evie's journey with her- she has done a tremendous job on shocking people what it is really like to have a mental illness: it isn't just a label.

See the full review here.

Did I Mention I Need You?

I really did love 'Did I Mention I Need You,' by Estelle Maskame. Her writing voice is so unique, and the descriptions had me flicking avidly through the pages. Following on from the first novel, it is proving to be even harder for Tyler and Eden to dull down their sparks: especially when they are step siblings, and Eden has been invited to stay in New York with Tyler for the entire summer. Estelle Maskame really is someone who has shown me that my own dreams could become a reality- she has been so successful in her writing at such a young age.

See the full review here.

The Next Together

'The Next Together,' is a book that I wouldn't imagine in my wildest dreams could have been written. Now I have read it, I felt like it slotted perfectly in my shelves- it is just one that I could not forget about reading. Century after century, it is just fate that Matthew and Kate keep falling in love- but something changes for the better each time they meet. But each time, they are tragically separated: and who knows when their 'Next Together,' will be? Lauren James takes her readers throughout different time periods: captivating them while she is at it. On every single page, I was just constantly rooting for Matthew and Katherine: I felt real connections with them as characters.

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Asking For It

Louise O'Neill is just totally phenomenal in her way of tacking issues head on. Her main protagonist, Emma, is popular and beautiful- and has a great life, with her friends circling around her. But one night, the unmistakeable happens at a party, resulting in Emma not knowing how she ended up on the front porch of her house. How is she meant to battle the rumours and whispers, when she doesn't even know what happened herself? I can't do this justice enough, without you going and reading it. The only words that come to my mind are extremely powerful, and utterly hard hitting.

See the full review here.

What are your top books of 2015?


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