Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I love having ginger hair.

But when I was younger, I really hated it sometimes. It was something that made me different to other people- and was automatically an easy target to be picked on for. I never really understood why someone would be so derogatory about someone's hair colour: surely there were more important parts that made up a person?

To me, when you come across a person in your life, you look at them on the inside rather than the outside- whether they are kind, trusting and caring, rather than highlighting small differences about them.

Every person I know who has ginger hair has heard the same old jibes, which are often shouted and leered at them from a distance- there have even been the most vile comments flying around, that makes me feel physically sick to even repeat them. It is exactly the same with people who have diverged from others.

There are so many stupid people that feel it is acceptable to isolate someone because they look, say or feel different to everyone else. I have always hated and avoided these people, as I have seen so many examples of them senselessly knocking someone's confidence down- and enjoying every second of it.

A couple of years ago, I wondered why I was worrying what people thought about me- in a variety of aspects. Why should I hate my hair? It is part of me, it is my heritage and it is something that keeps me away from the crowd of carbon copies. Why someone would want to fit in with everybody else, and spend their life following the crowd?

If you know you are different to others, on the inside or the outside: put a shield around you. This shield allows any negativity to reflect away from you, so you can learn to love yourself without any interruptions.

Embrace your differences- take them in your stride. After all, they are what makes you the extraordinary, wonderful and unique human being that you are.

How do you embrace your differences?



  1. I couldn't agree more! I work in a place that operates exactly like a middle school - because it is one. There are very defined cliques in the staff. If you have visible differences or a different personality, you don't fit in. Growing up I always got picked on because of my name - I'm named after my dad and grandpa. Being a girl with a "boy's name." I hated my name. I didn't start liking my name until I was in college, and now I'm OK with it.

    1. I love your name: it is nice when a name has a meaning! It's sad that you would expect it to be exactly the same in the workplace- it happens in all walks of life. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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