Wednesday, 11 May 2016


As the busy exam season approaches, keeping up the motivation to revise can become very difficult. Sometimes, you need something refreshing to revise with- making it more fun and productive. Below are a list of my favourite websites and apps which I use all the time and on the go. I am using them to help with revision for my GCSE'S, but I am sure they would work with A-Levels and any sort of exam you are taking:

Get Revising is a website for all levels of education, where there are a variety of chat threads about different subjects and courses you might be taking- so people can chat and help you out. There are also fantastic resources, (summary sheets, mindmaps, cuecards), that are all available to you with one quick search.

Popplet is a brilliant mindmapping tool, that allows you to connect and visualise ideas really easily. I have used this tool for subjects such as Geography and ICT- it is really useful for a subject where you need to remember case studies. You can sign up and have 10 free popplets, and once these are used up- you can pay for a subscription. An app is also available, where you pay £3.99 for unlimited Popplet's. It is a very good tool to make revision resources, especially if you want to make a few quick mindmaps.

Quizlet is a great website to learn key terms and definitions. You can create your own flashcards, with minimal effort- and then you can play games with them, helping you learn what you need to much quicker. Quizlet is free, but you can pay a subscription if you want to have Quizlet Plus. The free version of Quizlet has been perfect for me studying my GCSE's- and is perfect for subjects like ICT and French, which are very term heavy.

The CGP apps are just brilliant for GCSE Science: you can pick your exam board, and questions for each module have already been generated. You can play games on this app, such as best of ten or sudden fail, making revision much more fun and productive: especially on the go. There is a free version of the app, but you can pay £1.49 for the full editions. They have core, additional and triple science apps.

The BBC Bitesize is very useful for quick revision- similar to CGP, you can pick your exam board for certain subjects, such as English and Science. The app then creates virtual cuecards that you can test yourself on, which is also perfect for on the go. The app is completely free, which is fabulous for students.

What tools do you use to revise for exams?

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