Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I want to document the journey of writing my book. It may never come to anything, but if it did, I want to be able to look back at my starting point: at sixteen year old me starting my dreams. Chapter One is finished, and even though it isn't much, I am proud of it.

I attended a Blogger Event at Walker Books at the weekend, and it really inspired me to continue writing my novel. Listening to authors talking about their upcoming releases, my dream really hit home. This is exactly what I want to do- writing is my passion, and I want to do it for a living. Holding my book in my hand, however long it takes- will make me complete.

Some people may think I am making a big thing about nothing, but the first chapter has been written. I have my characters and a plot outline with a few minor gaps that I am slowly filling. Knowing where my story needed to start, a burning feeling inside of me forced me to sit down, and get this chapter out on the page.

I remember reading something online a while ago, but I can't remember who actually wrote it- it really stuck with me, storing itself in my head until this blog post had been written. It said something along the lines of: 'Don't be an 'aspiring' writer, or you will never get anywhere. You are a writer- which makes you one step closer to achieving your dreams.' This really embedded in my heart, and made sense to me.  

I am sixteen years old, and I am a writer.

I want to make my dream a reality. 

Are you a writer too?



  1. What a great post! When I was 16 I was in a writing club in high school and I would constantly call my novel by 'kind of sort of novel' until finally my teacher advisor said "Stop. It's your novel. You should call it that" and it's the same for being a writer. Call yourself what you are :) and I'm happy you can do that. Best of luck with your novel!

    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian

  2. This is a fantastic idea! If you write, you are a writer. Period! At a teacher writing conference one of the ELA teachers from my school (who will be my partner next year) was freaking out over a writing task we were given. She kept asking "Well, can we do blah blah blah?" And finally I looked at her and said, "We can do whatever the hell we want. We're writers!" She kind of had a lightbulb moment because she did exactly what most students do - question instead of write because they feel there is a right answer to writing. Good luck with your novel!

    1. We can do whatever we want! Thank you for visiting. :)


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