Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Accompanying my review of  'Crush,' I have put together a playlist. You could listen to it while you are reading the book, to get an idea of the tone if you are a first time reader, or it could be used to get you back into the mood of the book.

This song signifies the start of the book, where Anna meets Will. Realising he has taken an interest in her, she notices this isn't something she has felt before.

The couple start to become more serious at this point, and Anna starts to see a lot more of Will.

Will idolises Anna, and feels she has changed his life. He starts to want to mould her into his 'perfect' person.

They start to become very close, as Anna is dropping her other friends to just make time for Will, although she has rose coloured spectacles on- not being aware of what she is doing at this point.

Will and Anna's relationship hits bumps in the road, and is put under strain. The question is, will they ever overcome it?

See my review for 'Crush' here.

What do you do to get into the mood of reading a new book, or an old time favourite?


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