Wednesday, 27 July 2016


1. The book follows four teenage protagonists: Amber, Skye, Maali and Rose. Any reader can relate and sympathise with one or more of characters, they all have such diverse and differing personalities.

2. It covers a variety of issues, that any teenage can draw their own opinions and take out their own nuggets of advice from. The large spectrum of topics covered include: confidence, different types of family units, bereavement and the pressure of nude pictures. All of these issues are covered in an honest but discreet way- so the younger end of the teenage audience can become more aware and knowledgeable about these things.

3. The novel contains the word slangwhanger. This is now my favourite word, and I will guarantee that it will be yours too.

4. Amber's idol is Oscar Wilde, who's inspirational quotes and wisdom really ties in with the novel. Since reading The Moonlight Dreamers, I have started to live by some of Wilde's quotes. There is a quote for every aspect of someone's life, he has grasped this society perfectly even though he never had the chance to live it.

5. Siobhan has such an addictive writing style. As soon as you open the first page you will be enraptured: making The Moonlight Dreamers the perfect book to read out in the garden on a hot summers day!

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Are you planning to read The Moonlight Dreamers?


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