Sunday, 10 July 2016


TITLE: Into The Blue
AUTHOR: Pat Spence
SOURCE: Sent by the author, in exchange for an honest review
RATING:  5/5


The blue crystal is missing, her friends are dying and the future of the de Lucis family is at risk... 

Yet again, Emily is under threat. But this time she must give up everything she holds dear if she wants to save her friends and family. Is she willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? Is eternal youth still within her grasp? Is a future with Theo still possible or just a dream that is slipping through her fingers? 

The past returns to haunt the present, old secrets and ancient allegiances are revealed, and love combines with tragedy as the story reaches its terrifying conclusion. Tense and compelling, ‘Into The Blue’ is the final book in the ‘Blue Crystal’ trilogy…. 

A glamorous but deadly new enemy emerges and the Fallen Angel returns to exact a terrible revenge. 

Following straight on from the second book, readers are launched back into Emily's world- she has a decision to make. Her friends and the De Lucis family are at risk, and she has to give up everything she loves if she wants to save them. 

With a lot of questions that need to answered, especially concerning Theo, Emily needs to decide whether to take the jump. But what consequences will it bring?

I love how this book doesn't revolve around Emily and Theo's relationship, but it is put under strain- you get to experience this first hand- like you personally know the characters. The past comes to haunt Emily, and she has to get over the obstacle of confronting bad characters and monsters. 

You become very compelled to root for the characters, especially as the plot had surprises around the corner. I could not put the book down- I just had to know what would happen, and became almost addicted to it. If you read one chapter, you can't help but to read five more- becoming so wrapped up in the story. The whole series really stands out to me, it is very unique and it is so easy to fall into the story yourself.

Pat Spence definitely has moulded the novel perfectly, it just had the right amount of everything- nothing was too much or too little. A simple 5/5- a perfect novel with a fast plot, enthralling characters and a apprehensive ending. The whole series makes a great summer read.


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