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TITLE: Did I Mention I Miss You?
AUTHOR:  Estelle Maskame
PUBLISHER:  Black and White Publishing
RATING:  5/5
SOURCE: Sent by publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
RELEASE DATE: 21st July 2016



A year has passed since Eden last spoke to Tyler. She remains furious at him for his abrupt departure last summer but has done her best to move on with her life at college in Chicago. As school breaks up for the summer, she's heading back to Santa Monica, but she's not the only one who decides to come home...

Having been left behind to deal with the aftermath of their bombshell revelation and a family torn apart, Eden has no time for Tyler when he reappears. But where has Tyler been? And is she as over him as she likes to think? Or can Tyler and Eden finally work things out, despite their family and against all the odds?

The explosive finale to Estelle Maskame s international bestselling DIMILY trilogy, and the 
highly anticipated conclusion to Eden and Tyler's addictive love story.

'Did I Mention I Miss You,' is the third book in the DIMILY series, we finally reach the conclusion of Eden and Tyler's love story- which was just addictive as it was in the other two novels. Eden is desperately trying to move on with her life at collage in Chicago, despite being very annoyed with Tyler, who she hasn't spoken to in a year. Once collage breaks up for the summer holiday, Eden goes back home to Santa Monica- but who else is coming back too?

Estelle Maskame has a stunning, distinct writing style- with such originality you would believe she has written hundreds of novels before this one. The whole series puts you under a spell: as soon as you start reading the book you can't help but drop everything you are doing and curl up with it. 

The characters are so realistic they are a touch away: you see how they have improved their flaws by the third book, making them an absolute pleasure to read. You develop a space in your heart for Eden and Tyler: you root for them from start to finish, building up a deep connection with them. I loved how the characters from the other books still play a part in DIMIMY: I want them to have their own separate stories!

As always, the plot was the perfect pace, and written so vividly you feel like you are following Eden and Tyler as they go about their day to day lives- I also felt that I had been all around America while reading this novel, but in actual fact I have never been. With perfectly timed jolts in the plot you didn't see coming, the third book in this trilogy has definitely not turned mundane and repetitive.

I have two words for 'Did I Mention I Miss You-' phenomenal and flawless. I cannot wait to see what Maskame does next, and I am already looking forward to reading and becoming in love with her next book. 




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