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TITLE: Love & Other Man-Made Disasters
AUTHOR:  Nicola Doherty
PUBLISHER:  Hachette Children's Group
RATING:  4/5
SOURCE: Sent by publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
RELEASE DATE: 2nd June 2016



A contemporary teen romance by Irish author, Nicola Doherty, about facing your fears and falling in love. A story with humour and heart, this book is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Holly Smale and Stephanie Perkins.

Juno is scared of a lot of things. Climate change, urban foxes, zombies - the usual. So when she goes on a skiing holiday with her mum's adrenaline-mad new husband and his tearaway twins, she doesn't hold much hope of surviving. Then she meets Boy. Gruff, hairy and thrill-seeking, he's everything Juno doesn't like. Or is he? Juno's about to discover there's nothing more scary than falling in love.

Juno is scared of quite a few things, and worries excessively about them. She has a count down to her A-Level exams, so when she is forced to go on a ski trip with her mother, step father and two brothers for a week, it feels like a nightmare to her. Despite being told she can't do any revision, she smuggles some in anyway- knowing that she wouldn't dare go on the slopes.

But Juno meets a ski instructor called Boy: who starts to gradually change her views and opinions about the world itself. But will his 'just do it' attitude cause more hindrance or help to them both?

I loved how quick and easy this book was, it was so easy to pick up and lose yourself into- it would definitely get you out of a reading slump very quickly. It had a very warm and sweet feel, considering it was set on the ski slopes! The transitions that the characters go through were pleasing to see: Juno and Tara were my favourites.

Juno was definitely a character I could liken to: the fact she let go of her worries, and realised that life is about taking risks- is an example for anxiety prone teenagers to follow. I also liked how the reader wouldn't have any idea about which way Juno and Boy's relationship will tip.

This one is a definite 4/5, with realistic characters, a unique voice and a enthralling plot- you can't go wrong picking it up for a summer read. I would love a sequel: I want to hear more of what Boy has to say and what his life has been like!



  1. Thanks so much Georgia! I'm so pleased you liked the book. No sequel planned to this one yet but my characters do sometimes make cameos in other books ... I'd also like to see what Boy gets up to! Nicola x

    1. Ooh exciting! I will definitely be reading your next book. Thank you for the comment Nicola! :) x


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