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I like to do a summer reading recommendations post every year, as it's lovely to really get immersed into a novel whether you are on holiday or in your back garden reading. As I am writing this, it's raining outside- but that's typical British weather! Read below to read my ramblings about my favourite YA books to read in the sunshine, (or the curled up away from the rain.)

Paper Butterflies is definitely one of my favourite reads of all time- I cried so much at the end, I have never found a book that evoked that much emotion out of me. We follow the main protagonist, called June, through a few years of her life. Her mother died, and her father remarried a woman- meaning June has a stepmother and a stepsister. But June's life is a dark one, full of abuse from the both of them: and her father doesn't even realise it. She is trapped like a butterfly in a net, and escaping could cause much more damage than she realises- especially when she meets a boy in the woods called Blister, who has shed so much more light into her life. There isn't much I can say about this novel apart from the word phenomenal, get it on the top of your TBR. 

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I wouldn't normally pick up a book which is historically based, as I usually get very bored very quickly- but this one had me on the edge of my seat and laughing out loud at the same time. King Edward is very ill, with only months at the most to live. With aid from his adviser Dudley, he has no choice but to marry off his cousin Jane to a complete stranger: in hope she will produce a male heir. 

Jane is marrying a man called Gifford, who is conveniently Dudley's son- who is hiding something very big. Suddenly Edward, Jane and Gifford are thrown head first into a royal conquest: including magic, plotting horses and unrightful rulers. I really enjoyed reading My Lady Jane- I became immersed in it and read it in only a couple of sittings. It is out on the 1st of September, so look out for a full review around that time.

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Did I Mention I Miss You is the third book in the DIMILY trilogy, and definitely didn't disappoint and falter out. Eden is trying so hard to move on with her life at college in Chicago- despite previous events with Tyler. She is heading home to Santa Monica for the Summer: where her life is about to get turned upside down once again. Estelle Maskame has such a distinct writing style, and once again, I read DIMIMY in two sittings, as I was totally addicted to the plot and invested in the characters. The whole trilogy is perfect to become wrapped in on a hot summers day- you will not be able to put any of the books down!

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Girl Out of Water is a hilarious book- another one to take to the beach to relax with and get in the summer mood. Lou Brown is 15 years old, and her life revolves around swimming- we meet her at a competition that will earn her a place at training camp for the Olympics. When things don't go according the plan, Lou is miserable: but when a preposition arises she didn't realise all the drama that would come with it. Nat Luurtsema really captures a teenage voice- making me root for Lou even more, and she had me laughing at every page. If you are looking for a feel good book that will lift you out of your reading slump, this is definitely the one.

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What's a Girl Gotta Do by Holly Bourne is the third book in the Spinster Club trilogy- the main protagonist featured in this one is Lottie; she has such an eccentric personality that you will instantly warm to. She is fed up of the daily sexism she encounters, so decides to document it and call it #Vagilante vlog. However, internet trolls have plenty of other ideas, and Lottie will have to overcome a lot of barriers to achieve what she wants to. Again, I want to thrust all of the Spinster Club books into every teenagers hands, as Holly Bourne just gets it- and you will become so in love with all of the characters, (especially Evie, Amber and Lottie.) This book was definitely my favourite one, and it is the type of book that I can't stop reading and I really get into.

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What are your go to summer reads?


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