Sunday, 18 September 2016


Sometimes, being a blogger can be really difficult- you might need some tips and tricks to help you along your blogging journey. Below, I've listed some blogger hacks: these are little things I have acquired after three years of blogging. I have split my blogger hacks into three sections: organisation, products and apps.


Brainstorming & Bulk Writing Posts

Do you find it hard to get inspiration for your blog posts? Have a look on other blogs, and instead of copying people's ideas try to bounce off them and create your own. I like to write down ideas in a notebook or on my phone, (things that are always near me), so when I don't feel particularly creative I have a bank of notes.

Bloggers often balance their blogging with their own jobs or schoolwork, so it can be hard to keep regularly posting: especially if you have busy weeks where you can't get five minutes to blog. It is useful if you have a spare couple of hours on a rainy day to bulk write posts. Use your bank of ideas to draw from, and try to get a couple of blog posts done. It will make you feel so much better that your blog is still in order- even if your life isn't at that certain moment!


Photo Background

Whether you want to freshen up your Bookstagram feed, or improve the look of your blog photos, a simple background is perfect. I found a roll of marble sticky back plastic from Wilkinsons for only four pounds- it is really good quality for the price, and it lasts for a long time, as you don't have to cut off any of the roll. The background has really helped me achieve the type of photos I have always wanted, and now I don't have to use the floor for a background.

Weekly Desk Planner

Once you have bulk written some blog posts, it is also good to know what posts are going up when. I use a weekly desk planner from Paperchase to keep me organise the order of my blog posts in a week. This is especially useful for book bloggers like myself who have to post reviews of proof copy books around the time of the publication, or who take part in multiple blog posts. I also divided up each page in the planner into smaller sections with a ruler, as I wouldn't write much each week apart from the names of blog posts- so the planner would last me a long time.



VSCO Cam is a brilliant app for Instagram Photos: even more so if you want to start a theme throughout your pictures. The app has a variety of beautiful filters to make your picture stand out, and they have so many different settings, (brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows and fade), to enhance your photo even more. VSCO Cam is definitely the easiest and the highest quality app I have ever used- making photo editing seem easy to novices. The app is free, but you can purchase different filters; the free filters are perfect for me.


Canva is a fabulous app for blog graphics: my own have improved greatly since using this app. It has so many templates for different styles of graphic, (Blog, Instagram, Facebook), and you can use shapes, text styles and colours to make it your own. Again, Canva is so simple and efficient- you can produce such high quality graphics you would never believe the app was free.

What blogger hacks do you have?


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