Sunday, 6 November 2016


Since my Top 5 YA Summer Reads post was popular, I thought to make a new one for Autumn. It's so lovely to curl up with a warm book in the cold weather, especially if you can't put it down. Below are four books that are so varied in their content, that there will definitely be one to suit your reading taste- or take you out of your comfort zone.

Milk and Honey is a really poignant poetry book, as some of the poems really speak to you on a personal level. The book was split into four parts: Loving, Breaking, Hurting and Healing, which I really liked- I enjoyed traveling along the spectrum of feelings of Kaur. I also really liked the varying lengths and structures of her poems, as when I was reading them I became so drawn in on specific feelings and words: especially when I would change from reading a shorter poem to a longer one. 

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I really enjoyed reading Love and Other Man-Made Disasters by Nicola Doherty, which centres around a girl called Juno, who is being forced to go on a Ski Trip with her family for a week. She worries a lot about the world, and can't stand the fact that she won't be able to revise at home for her A-Levels over the holidays. But when Juno meets a ski instructor called Boy, everything changes. It is the perfect Autumn and Winter read, especially as it is set in a ski resort- you could lose yourself in it if you were sat with a blanket by a roaring fire.

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Caramel Hearts is definitely one to read if you want to do some baking on a cold winters day. Liv Bloom lives on the Egerton Estate with her Sister Hatty, as her Mum is in a recovery centre for alcoholics and her father walked out on them when she is younger. While Hatty is struggling to keep everything together, Liv stumbles across a recipe book, which opens up a lot of secrets than what she thought at first. Both sweet and gritty, Caramel Hearts will both tug on your heart strings and have you rooting for the characters every step of the way.

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If you want to read something that is completely out of your comfort zone, The Call should be at the top of your list. Irish teenagers are training in colleges against the Sidhe, who are a fairy type race that are seeking revenge as they were banished to their own land millions of years ago. Any teenager can be taken at any time, and they have three minutes and four seconds to save their life- or the Sidhe will catch them, and get their revenge. This book is so fast pace and apprehensive you genuinely cannot put it down and go about your day. It captivates you from the first page and won't let you go until the last.

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What are your top Autumn Reads?


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