Wednesday, 14 December 2016


TITLE: Creative Writing- A Journal with Art to Kickstart Your Writing
AUTHOR: Eva Glettner
PUBLISHER:  Abrams and Chronicle
RATING:  5/5


This one-of-a-kind journal is a treasure trove of inspiration for both aspiring and experienced writers. Each spread features a cool illustration paired with an imaginative writing prompt and plenty of space for putting pen to paper. The eye-catching visuals—from an all-star roster of indie illustrators—and thoughtful prompts together serve as a creative catalyst to banish fear of the blank page and get the words flowing.
This book came at exactly the right time for me. I had just started my Creative Writing AS Level, and the fact my passion for writing was reignited meant that the Creative Writing Journal was perfect for me. 

It contains pages of beautiful pictures and prompts to allow you to let your words flow on the page. I really liked that it is set as a double page, where a picture is on one side and a prompt is on the other- the unique and colourful images are so pleasing for the eye. This journal is definitely isn't a book that you buy and you think that you will use every single day, which then ends up being put on a shelf and not touched for years. I use this regularly, especially if I need inspiration for my Creative Writing work, or just to write for pleasure.

Each prompt isn't just descriptive writing, they are each totally different by form or topic. I loved the fact that you could try soliloquies or scripts, which was especially beneficial for me, as I was already exploring writing in that form. If you enjoy writing in a certain way, you can be guaranteed you will love it even more once you have tried one of the unique prompts.  

The Creative Writing Journal is the perfect gift, (or stocking filler, as it is exactly the right size), for any budding writer. Beautiful, innovative and useful: you cannot go wrong with this book at all. 



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