Sunday, 18 December 2016


In October, I started volunteering at a Primary School to listen to some children read, and then write down a few comments about how they had got on. What I didn't realize before I started was that there is just something so magical about helping children to progress with their reading.

Every time they come across a new word that they haven't seen before, I can see their eyebrows furrowing and the concentration in their eyes when I help them spell it out. Then the next week, when this word comes up again, I see them pause and grin- saying this word perfectly that has been added to their ever-growing mental bank.

I love to see children move up in their reading levels because they have been practicing more at home, who then tell me how much they now love books. I hope that they keep the spark of their passion for reading ignited for years to come and that most of them turn into avid bookworms. They are constantly learning, and reading is teaching them so many things that are so relevant in their lives: now and later on.

It's even more pleasing to see the children change so much- especially the ones I remember on the first week reading with quiet and timid voices, unconfident in the words they were saying. I see them now, where they are engaging with a book, empathizing with the characters, (which is such a valuable skill in real life situations), and becoming totally invested in the plot. Every week without fail, I can't help but smile at the excitement each child has to pick up a book, ready to escape into another world for just five minutes.

Have you had any experiences that have made you realise how important reading is?



  1. It is so great to see, Georgia! I wish my 6th graders still held to their wonder in reading. Having empathy for the characters is such an important life skill. It's a conversation I've had with a few other ELA teachers. Will you continue with this same group of kids in January?

    1. Thank you- I love doing it! Yes, I will still be continuing with the same children. :)


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