Sunday, 19 February 2017


Dear Georgia,

Everything will work out. These few years will be the most confusing of your life, as you haven't found yourself yet. Don't worry, as, in time, you will come into your own.

I know it's extremely hard to do, but let go of your worries and stop caring about what other people think of you. You will feel so much better for it. Try as hard as you can to keep building your confidence: you would never believe that you could be 100% happy with yourself, but it will happen. Never sacrifice what you love for anyone at all; people will try to drag you down, but that's just what happens- rise above them. The most important lesson you will learn in your teenage years is that people are so different and not everyone will treat you the way you would treat them. It's hard to stomach and even harder to experience, but once you get past all of those people, you will find some amazing human beings- who will make you wonder what made you so lucky to cross paths with them.

Never give up on anything you do, even if you hate it- as you will be so carefree when you are older and will have absolutely no regrets. We are still working on a few things, but overall, at sixteen years old I am at my happiest- you just need to go through some hurdles now. There is one saying that will help you get there: do more of what makes you happy.

All my love,

Me xxx

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