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TITLE: Tell It to the Moon
AUTHOR:  Siobhan Curham
PUBLISHER:  Walker Books
RATING:  5/5
SOURCE: Sent by publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
RELEASE DATE: 3rd August 2017.



To make a dream come true, tell it to the moon! Tell It to the Moon continues the story of Moonlight Dreamers Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose, who are not like everyone else and don't  want to be: becoming friends gives them the courage to be themselves. After failing to find her surrogate mother, Amber is left unsure of who she is and what she wants to do; Maali's spiritual faith is tested when her father becomes ill; Sky, previously home-schooled, struggles to adapt to the pressures of the school system; and after having found the courage to come out, Rose begins to pursue her dream of becoming a patissier. Once again the four girls band together to help one another overcome their individual challenges and fulfill their dreams in this fabulous and heart-warming celebration of friendship.
I often find that with a sequel, it can be difficult to match the first book. But Siobhan Curham really did come back with full force- I tore through this book. I was delighted to be able to once again delve into the world of the Moonlight Dreamers, as I really had built up a strong connection with all of the characters, making me excited to get to feel their memorable personalities seep through the pages.

Each of the main protagonists has their own personal dilemma: Amber is unsure of her identity after failing to find her surrogate mother. Maali is questioning her faith in a family crisis and Sky feels restricted in the school system after previously being home schooled. After coming out Rose is determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a patissier. Will the girls overcome the challenges to achieve their dreams?

What I found interesting is how different each of The Moonlight Dreamers are, but I could still find parallels in myself within all of them. Once again, every issue that each one of the girls went through was is completely relevant to teenage life, and it is nice to see how each girl dealt with her problems differently. The perspectives from each of the characters flowed beautifully, and I adored reading all of the voices- there wasn't a character that I liked less than the others. The plot was perfectly paced, with fantastic sensory detail. It's so easy to feel like you are with Rose working on the cake stall, or watching Sky perform her poetry at a spoken word event. I honestly would not want to change one thing about this book.

'Tell It to the Moon' is just a heartwarming, stunning and unique novel. It really did make my heart happy. Summer, Autumn, Winter, it doesn't matter: along with 'The Moonlight Dreamers' this book can be read all year round, and I can guarantee that you will want to read both of them over and over.
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