Sunday, 17 December 2017

3 Reasons to Study A-Level English Literature

English Literature is a very versatile subject.

It will improve your writing skills greatly, in terms of being able to communitcate your argument on a topic coherently and convincingly- this is a key skill needed for university essay writing for many subjects, or even just being able to write a fantastic rsonal statement for University. It was also allow you to express your opinions and ideas coherently and confidently. It’s a brilliant A-Level that can work well with any subject combination, to show that you have a wide range of skills that arent justone subject area.

Your breadth of reading will become so wide.

I thought that I was an eager reader before I started the course, but studying A-Level English Literature has opened up new worlds to me, and new authors that I never knew existed. Also, you start to enjoy and appreciate a range of forms, such as poetry and plays, which you may not have had as much experience in as prose. As Roald Dahl once said in Matilda, “She travelled all over the world while sitting in her little room in an English village.”

No answer is wrong.

English Literature isn’t restrictive at all. One thing that I have enjoyed immensely about the course is how I can hear and bounce off from different opinions of my teachers and friends. As an English Literature student, you will realise that multiple interpretations can stem from one phrase, and that is such a fantastic concept.

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