Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Lou out of Luck is a hilarious novel, just as the first book in the series Girl Out of Water was. It lives up to some of the most popular comedy books such as the Noah Can't Even Series by Simon James Green and the Super Awkward Series by Beth Garrod. It is rare to find an upbeat book that makes you laugh out loud but also addresses important themes that really makes the reader think. Lou out of Luck definitely ticks this box, covering topics such as anxiety, family tensions and strained friendships. As a reader, I could really connect to Lou: I love how she embraces her awkwardness and clumsiness rather than trying to hide from it. It was also inspiring to read how Lou found solutions to the problems that faced her throughout the course of the novel.

Both of Lou's parents are unemployed so money is tight in the Brown family. Therefore, the heating is off, Lou eating lentils for dinner every night and the family car is being used as little as possible, so Lou has to get lifts to school with her eccentric classmate Dermot and his extremely quirky mother, Aggy. Furthermore, Lou's sister Lav has been entered into a modelling competition by someone without her knowledge, but the prize is £25,000 and the Brown family are in need of money so her Dad wants her to stay in the competition. With Lou's school prom on the horizon and her best friend Hannah occupied with being on the Prom Committee, as well as her boyfriend Gabe joining the debating team and forgetting about Lou, she has plenty to write about in her worry diary. But will Lou get her life back on track?

Nat Luurtsema captures to essence of teenage life perfectly - developing friendships, pressures to conform and new relationships. I adored Lou, Lav, Gabe and Lou's Dad especially as characters. I really enjoyed gaining a deeper insight in this book into secondary characters, such as Hannah and I also liked being introduced to new characters like Dermot. Without spoiling anything, the ending rounded the book off perfectly and I could resonate with it myself. Lou out of Luck is 100% worth reading - you will not regret it. Nat Luurtsema is a brilliant writer and I hope that she continues Lou's story in a third novel.

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