Sunday, 12 May 2019


An extremely important book, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche draws on her own personal experiences to illustrate the importance of feminism in society today. I think that a real strength of the book is the fact that it was originally a TED Talk; if you haven’t heard of Ted Talk before, it’s where people talk at an organised conference on a variety of subjects. This means that the book is simple, concise and hard-hitting in terms of the points that it is making. It creates a logical argument, urging you to open your perspectives concerning feminism as well as tracing where the discrepancy starts - at young children, or more correctly, parents raising their sons and daughters. What I liked particularly about the book is the explanation that societal conventions insist that males are unemotional, strong and are ridiculed for being any other emotions. It therefore alters the stereotype that men themselves are directly responsible for the inequality of genders.

I can’t recommend this enough for a short read; it could easily be read in one sitting, whether that’s on the commute to work or in your lunch break. The size of the book itself is perfect to slot into a bag; however, the size doesn’t reflect the content bursting out of it!

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