Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Book Review: Lobsters

TITLE: Lobsters
AUTHOR:  Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison
PUBLISHER:  Chicken House Ltd
RATING:  5/5


Sam and Hannah only have the holidays to find 'The One'. Their lobster. But instead of being epic, their summer is looking awkward. They must navigate social misunderstandings, the plotting of well-meaning friends, and their own fears of being virgins forever to find happiness. But fate is at work to bring them together. And in the end, it all boils down to love.
"Lobsters" is completely relatable- any teenager in the UK would understand and empathise with the trials and tributions that the characters go through. Hannah and Sam go to different schools and have separate groups of friends. But they meet by accident at a house party, in the bathroom, instantly hitting it off. They both don't forget about their connection, but they keep meeting again unexpectedly and then losing touch. But are they each other's true lobster?

This book is raw, honest, and utterly hilarious; for multiple pages I was laughing out loud, which doesn't often happen to me whilst reading. I really liked the differing male to female perspectives; Hannah and Sam were both such loveable characters that a reader could draw parallels from them both- their individual personalities came alive through the page.

Tom and Lucy had crafted the pace of the plot exactly right- it made me race through the book. Don't be fooled by the pastel coloured cover: it does cover mature content, but is also so realistic to an 18 year old's life in their final year at school. I also liked how the book was centred around an accurate representation of sex and the myths surrounding it. Things are so hard for teenagers, which many don’t understand, moving onto the next chapter of your life after leaving school weaved in with their insecurities originating from the media. Even the less liked characters like Stella are so relatable in a school situation. The authors capture the essence of the teenage voice so perfectly. Admittedly, this book isn’t for everyone, but it is perfect and a fun read for any sixth former.

I enjoyed this book immensely: if you are looking for a refreshing and realistic read, then “Lobsters” is definitely the one for you. It has made me put Tom and Lucy’s other books straight to the top of my TBR.


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